The farm | Some history about the area | Points of interest | What is THIS

Kerry Turner, Omapu Station, Tahora
About midway along The Forgotten Highway (43)
address: RD 27, Tahora
tel: available on request

There are no shops nor petrol stations along the highway, so fill up and bring you own. The Whangamomona Hotel (30 min south of Tahora) has a menu. There is no internet nor mobile phone access. Yes you are going off the grid when you hit the Forgotten Highway.

2 and a half to 3 hours north of Stratford: past the 4th saddle of winding roads which is called the Tahora saddle. Turn left at the “Tahora” or “THIS” sign.

1 and a half to 2 hours south of Taumaranui: Tahora is on the right about 2 km past the Hobbit Hole (a distinctive single lane gothic shaped wood and clay tunnel you pass through). Just before the tunnel, the final 16 km is gravel road. It has bumps but is fine for any vehicle.

There are breathtaking views, reserves and walking tracks, so allow extra time for any stops. The half hour difference is to allow for road slips, rain or wind. Some parts of the road are single lane.

Tahora is signposted and there will be a very large THIS on the Forgotten Highway as well. View photo

Drive up Tahora Road past the old hall (right), old school (left) and continue another 200 metres after you hit the gravel road. Kerry’s farm in then the first gate on the left. View photo. If the gate is closed, please close this after you.
Drive to where you see signs of life. A cuppa of tea or strong coffee will be ready for you.
The Farm
Amenities | Views | Shearers quarters | Shearing shed

The farm

The farm, left to right: the farmhouse, shearers quarters, shearing shed.
Omapu is the redoubt beyond.

Farmhouse: 4 single beds, 2 doublebeds, shower, 2 toilets, stunning bathroom with non-working bath. kitchen, living room, etc, however we will all cook in the Shearers Quarters.
The Why Whare (Worry): library, doublebed, kitchen, shower/toilet, living room
Shearers Quarters: 3 kitchen areas, electric stoves, fridges, wood stove, outer kitchen for smoking food, doublebed, dining areas, 5 toilets and 3 showers, extensive sound system and large collection of vinyl records.

Lots of area for parking, for camper vans, etc. Mattresses galore and plenty of places to set these up.

Outdoor bath with a view (see photo) instant hot water once the fire is stoked, lots of space, bush, rivers, ponds, wildlife and stunning views.

ARTISTS BRING: your own bedding (bed / mattress will be supplied), towels, etc, food, special needs (or email Sonja by Feb 17th about any special requests), robust footwear/gumboots unless you prefer to go barefoot. If you want to try out the outdoor bath, togs are optional. We will take turns cooking and eat together in the Shearers Quarters. Programme is your own.
OTHERS who would like accommodation, contact Sonja. The Whangamomona Hotel is a 20 – 30 min drive south. There might be some accomodation possible on the farm as well.

OPEN DAY: 28th Feb, locals/visitors will be coming and going at times and may be helping out. We expect more to come on Feb 28th. Artists are likely to continue to work on their projects.

Left to Right: Shearing Shed + Shearers Quarters

Left to Right: Shearing Shed + Shearers Quarters


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