About THIS

Sculpture, Land art, Installation

5 day event / residency

26 Feb – 2 March 2013

Directions | About the farm | What is in the area | Who is THIS

is hosted for the first time on Kerry Turner’s farm
– a working sheep farm with a number of buildings, paddocks, steep dramatic high-country land, gentler paddocks, bush, trees, rivers and tracks.

Most of the Sculpture activities will occur in the paddocks surrounding the farmstead and the sheds.

About Tahora
Set midway along the Forgotten Highway, the township of Tahora (and the farm which is about 500 metres from the Highway) is these days a small collection of houses, half of which are abandoned.

The Omapu redoubt, a 2 hour hike up from the farmhouse is one of the highest points between Mount Taranaki and Ruapehu, both of which can be viewed from the top.

Sheep farmer and jack of all trades, Kerry Turner, hosts the biannual folk festival as well as the ANZAC bike rally.

Video/performance set in one of the nearby paddocks, during the Dec 2011 folk festival

Points of Interest
Mount Dampner Falls (the second highest falls in the southern hemisphere) is 20 km away (a two hour trek if you are fit and know the way on foot) by car.

Tangarakau is a ghost town about 10 km north-east along a winding picturesque valley. In the 1930s 1200 lived there. Now it has a population of 7.

The Raekohua Falls is about 5 km along the road towards Tangarakau. See photos on the THIS flickr page >>

forgottenworldadventures.co.nz provide self-driven NZ rail tours along the decommissioned railway line of the Forgotten World.
Highway, the SOL line.


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